Student Activity Program


The Student Activity Program of Kong Hua School aims to encourage pupils and students to join duly recognized clubs or organizations that complement the academic program and enhance the holistic educational experience of students through involvement of carefully selected, meaningful, and challenging activities in line with the students’ interests. They serve as vehicles for practical and meaningful experiences and enhance productivity and creative endeavors. It gives avenues for the expression of students’ special talents in the field of art, music, photography, and other fields.


The Student Activity Program aims to:
1. offer opportunities for practical and meaningful experiences;
2. give avenue for the expression of students’ talents and potentials;
3. create situations and offer opportunities that call for good leadership;
4. develop a healthy attitude towards people, situations, and life’s realities in general that results to good sportsmanship, honesty, and camaraderie;
5. instill an attitude of service and concern for the common good;
6. develop the students’ social awareness and responsibility; and
7. encourage community involvement in the spirit of volunteerism.

It also aims to encourage the students to live the Christian values of love, fidelity, integrity, and wisdom to fulfill the school’s vision and thus build a society of peace and universal brotherhood under the one Fatherhood of God.


Kong Hua School aims to foster student’s holistic growth and designed school activities that meet the child’s interests and needs.

The school approves the formation of organizations and clubs at the beginning of the school year. The formation of clubs/organizations may be allowed only upon the approval of the Director/Principal and they shall operate within the context of the school’s avowed vision/mission and objectives.

The Club/Organization Moderator is chosen on the basis of his/her competence and willingness to share his/her knowledge and talents to the students. He/She will be recommended by the Student Activity Coordinator to the Prefect of Student Affairs and will be officially assigned by the approval of the Director/Principal.

The moderator is responsible for making, implementing, animating, monitoring, and evaluating the programs/activities/projects of the club/organization. The members are encouraged to plan their activities/projects at the first month of the school year which is subject for confirmation by the Prefect of Student Affairs and approval of the Director/Principal. No moderator can initiate any school activity not sanctioned by the school. The approved activities or projects are supervised by the Student Activity Coordinator.

In June the Student Activity Coordinator schedules the promotion of clubs/organizations followed by the students’ registration to a club/organization in line with their interest or need. Each pupil/student is required to join a club and enlists oneself to a club/organization. Each club meets at least once a month although more meetings per month are encouraged. Organizations are also expected to meet the members once a month or upon notice of the moderator or upon the request of its members or as often as the moderator may deem necessary.

There are five clubs designed for Grade One and Two pupils only. The class advisers assist them in choosing the clubs by assessing their talents, potentials, or interests. There are eleven clubs and three organizations to choose from for the Grade Three to Six pupils. They have the freedom to choose which club/organization they are interested to join in. For High School students there are nine clubs and seven organizations offered by the school. Additional clubs/organizations may be created if there is a need to do so.

Club Hour is scheduled every month right after every Unit Test which is usually done in the afternoon before dismissal time. Each club is assigned a permanent room

or they may reserve a room days before the activity. A planned Quarterly Club Activity is programmed for seminars, workshops, outreach, or any educational/recreational activity related to the club’s/organization’s general objectives. Documentation on these activities is highly encouraged by taking pictures or recording whatever the club/organization has achieved.

All academic activities are noted by the Department Coordinators, endorsed by the Prefect of Student Affairs and approved by the Director/Principal. Club/organization activities are evaluated by the club officers, members, and the moderators after every major activity to ensure that these activities are effective and relevant. The club/organization members are evaluated every semester by the Club Moderators and given appropriate letter marks.

Any activities held inside or outside the school campus shall have the approval of the Director/Principal at least a week before the schedule. Participation of students in activities outside the school campus needs a written permission signed by their parents or guardians. The administrator reserves the right to cool off or cancel any approved activity if and when the safety of each participant is in question or there exist a conflict of schedule in school activity.

No collection of membership fee or contribution of any kind/amount shall be collected from any club member/officer in holding any activity without the prior approval of the Director/Principal. The school allotted financial budget for club activities to be released by the Finance Officer upon meeting the necessary requirements.


Each pupil/student is required to join any recognized club or organization that will supplement his/her formal education, serve as vehicles for practical and meaningful experience and enhance productivity and creative endeavors.